We provide solutions to bridge the gap between your financial needs and conventional bank financing."

Term Loans

Senior or Secondary Debt for Any Reasonable Business Purpose

BDC Capital, a private company operating throughout New England, provides direct term loans to bridge the gap between financial needs and conventional bank financing. Loans ranging from $500,000 to $3.0 million may be either senior debt or secondary to a primary financing arrangement. The loans may be used for any reasonable business purpose. Our funds are sourced from our member banks.

Working Capital. When growth, new product introductions, expanded markets or high levels of capital expenditures dictate that some resources be allocated for the future, financing in the form of long-term working capital loans may be required to cover current and ongoing expenses. BDC Capital, in conjunction with your primary lender, can help to accommodate such requirements.

Machinery and Equipment. BDC Capital offers direct loans for machinery and equipment purchases when a higher advance rate on the collateral or a longer term is required. We can provide both senior and/or secondary debt in structuring a financing package that can improve cash flow and the balance sheet.

Real Estate. BDC Capital offers an array of loans for real estate acquisition or construction, up to 100% financing with preferred rates, maturities up to 25 years, first or second mortgage loans, participations with your primary lender and real estate loans with “early out” protection for your bank. See the “CDC New England SBA 504 Loans” insert for further details.

Mergers and Acquisitions. BDC Capital has been involved in many acquisitions as well as leveraged and management buyouts. We bring experience and creativity to these transactions, in addition to the all-important final piece of the financing package.

Debt Restructuring. Change is an integral part of business — needs expand, goals are refocused, or previous financing sources are outgrown. Change in debt structure may improve the potential of a company. BDC Capital can provide both expertise and refinancing for current or long-term debt.

BDC Capital Long-Term Early Maturity Loan Program. BDC Capital can structure loan participations whereby all the principal payments are paid to the bank until the bank’s participation is paid in full. During this period, BDC Capital receives “interest only” payments. This program allows banks to offer longer terms, with BDC Capital absorbing more “back end” risk.

SBA 7(a) Guarantees. As an SBA Preferred Lender, BDC Capital may include an SBA 7(a) guaranty on a loan.